Zoom 850 480 Vocal Technique


2020 has certainly brought significant changes to all our lives. Our performing careers came to an abrupt halt and the teaching world has a new face called Zoom! I always…

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Back Alive song/video and review by BroadwayWorld.com 1024 565 Vocal Technique

Back Alive song/video and review by BroadwayWorld.com


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We’re Home…….. Are You Singing? 275 183 Vocal Technique

We’re Home…….. Are You Singing?

The days have never been longer, so try to find an hour to practice. Singing is heart and lung friendly and can become an almost meditative state with very calm breathing patterns. Don’t make it a chore to practice, it could be a relief. read more
Technique or Surgery….? 1024 683 Vocal Technique

Technique or Surgery….?

I read an article about Adele’s latest surgery and the general acceptance that this is all just part of being a vocalist these days. I guess the only reason this…

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Shhhh 225 225 Vocal Technique


Audiences put a large value on big voices so its easy to understand why singers are prone to overworking. While strength and control are always welcome, working loudly and muscularly are the wrong way to get there. read more
The More You Know…. 1024 576 Vocal Technique

The More You Know….

The more information you have on any subject the faster it will bring you to a level of expertise that cannot be matched by sheer raw talent alone. In other…

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Exhale 288 175 Vocal Technique


One of the most powerful tools I give my clients is the permission to exhale. Its sounds silly but words like ‘support’ and ‘diaphragm’ (among others) can lead to very…

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Paint With All The Colors 300 228 Vocal Technique

Paint With All The Colors

I am shocked that so much time has passed since my last post. ‘What have I been doing’ you ask? Singing!! I am performing so much more and teaching so…

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Good Muscle / Bad Muscle 225 225 Vocal Technique

Good Muscle / Bad Muscle

As I continue to work on my own voice I am constantly reminded that the real work is small, subtle, invisible. We do not embrace the simplicity very well. I…

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TENSION 395 276 Vocal Technique


The last blog entry was about pressure, today’s is about tension. Similar, yes! The amount of tension in the body can completely change a singers ability level. Release and relaxation…

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