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  • April 30, 2020

We’re Home…….. Are You Singing?

We’re Home…….. Are You Singing?

We’re Home…….. Are You Singing? 275 183 Vocal Technique

So we’re home and we’ve been home. I see a lot of people performing from their living rooms, and I hear a lot about the problems with on-line voice lessons and time lags, but I haven’t heard anyone yet talk about how much more time they have to practice!

No matter what the endeavor; music, dance, art, bodybuilding, the real work is done by yourself. Taking a weekly lesson, class or training session is great but if you don’t continue the work on your own it’s gonna be a long slow disappointing journey.

The days have never been longer, so try to find an hour to practice. Singing is heart and lung friendly and can become an almost meditative state with very calm breathing patterns. Don’t make it a chore to practice, it could be a relief.

You haven’t seen anything of me singing from my living room (yet) because honestly I have enjoyed having a month off from performing.  It’s truly a pleasure to only sing when I want to, so I’m making the most of that and I’m setting some goals and learning some new things. It’s never a chore to sing, it’s only a chore to sing when your voice is a mess! So clean it up.

Lesson 1 is free. Free free. as in freeeeeeeee.


Too lazy to download a free voice lesson in quarantine?       Really?






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