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  • March 14, 2019

The More You Know….

The More You Know….

The More You Know…. 1024 576 Vocal Technique

The more information you have on any subject the faster it will bring you to a level of expertise that cannot be matched by sheer raw talent alone. In other words, the raw talent may get you on the great road to success, but it is experience and wisdom that will keep you there. We have all seen many artists who have a long prolific career, and we have seen many crash and burn in no time at all. I’ve said before that being a natural at something isn’t always to your advantage. Having some challenges that lead to corrections gives you a better understanding of your instrument and starts building a professional technique as opposed to just hoping for vocal perfection each day. As my friend Nancy (Koch) the dancer says ” Being a dancer at American Ballet Theatre does not mean you never fall off your releve’, it means you don’t make a jackass of yourself while its happening.”  That pretty much says it all, huh?

That means there should be options to take as you feel unsure of your next note, or two! Understanding some basic vocal technique will change the way you see and play your instrument immediately. Once you understand a freed larynx and how to create a mix, it’s a whole new world.

Download Lesson 1 , it’s free. Watch the 2 instructional introduction videos (also free) and get started TODAY !!!!

Send me an email and let me know how its going, I love hearing from you all.


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