New Vocal Technique Workshop 1024 716 Vocal Technique

New Vocal Technique Workshop

There is a new Vocal Technique Workshop starting in NYC tonight, June 4, 2015. For more info on this and future workshops call 212 695 3717 New Ad by Bob…

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In Real Time 600 600 Vocal Technique

In Real Time

Ok, first of all I am very late in writing this entry and ironically I’m calling it “In Real Time”. That about says it! Real time is often a lot…

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Happy HEALTHY New Year ! 260 194 Vocal Technique

Happy HEALTHY New Year !

This year I am looking at two remarkable vocal changes due to damaged vocal folds. One is a former colleague and the other a current client. I’ve know both of…

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I Used to Be (at The IRIDIUM 9/9/14 320 180 Vocal Technique

I Used to Be (at The IRIDIUM 9/9/14


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September 9 at THE IRIDIUM 400 400 Vocal Technique

September 9 at THE IRIDIUM

Patrick DeGennaro at the Iridium ………………………………………………………………………………. Patrick DeGennaro, singer, ever-creative songwriter, pianist, and educator, not to mention heartthrob, made his debut at the Iridium on September 9, celebrating the release…

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Patrick at The IRIDIUM 1024 576 Vocal Technique

Patrick at The IRIDIUM


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Getting Back !! 600 449 Vocal Technique

Getting Back !!

After a long break I am happy to be making my debut at THE IRIDIUM September 9, 8and 10 pm. I have never done two performances in one night and…

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words words words…. 275 183 Vocal Technique

words words words….

As I’ve mentioned before, I teach an invisible instrument. Since we can’t see it or touch it all we have to work with is language. The choice of words is…

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Realignment : tipping the scales 1024 768 Vocal Technique

Realignment : tipping the scales

I have mentioned in the past that I have had 2 vocal nightmares in my career and it always happens the same way. I stop singing for a while and…

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Those who can – teach !!! 750 519 Vocal Technique

Those who can – teach !!!

I can’t tell you how much I learn when I teach. I know it sounds corny but it’s the truth. If you are in NYC, come to the Metropolitan Room…

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