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  • October 29, 2011

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect 1024 682 Vocal Technique

You can imagine my pride and satisfaction in looking to see how late this entry is and discovering not only that the last post is dated Aug 20, but that the title is “Singers are lazy” ! Nice. Well, voice teachers who should write blogs may be lazy, but this singer has been anything but. As the title of this post may indicate, I’ve been having some issues. Things move, muscles grow, sometimes in ways you don’t want. I’ll speak again of my friend Nancy the dancer (amazing teacher at STEPS) who finally found a class that she enjoyed taking, except the first barre was so aggressive that it was changing the shape of her legs. If you could see Nancy’s legs you’d know how criminal that would be!!!
I continue to be amazed at how subtle the corrections are and how profound the result is. In both of my workshops I experience it as the teacher and now once again I am the student and it’s thrilling. Long story short, I know and can identify all the big moves and mistakes on my own voice, but I am not capable of seeing all the 5 million little things that are in the mix,  and since I am a man who lives for ‘more’, it’s time for ‘more’!
The one comment I have made about all the real working pros that I have taught is that they are fantastic and talented and have not yet experienced their whole voice. Well, Guilty as Charged. Little by little you begin to get aggressive and start cheating yourself out of resonance. It’s not that you want to work less and just be safe and quiet, it’s that you have to work with less pressure to really ring the bell. The more muscular you get, the more you have to watch the effort level. We like to work too hard. It’s something to do!

Time to get back to the core. Exhale. Lesson 1. It will calm you down, and once you feel the floor calmly underneath you, it will change your life!

la la!! (That’s french)

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