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  • October 1, 2012

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment!

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment!

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! 1024 576 Vocal Technique

So, it feels like back to school, back to basics. As I start the fall semester of workshops I have many new singers and I find the current theme to be alignment. It’s subtle, you can be off in many ways and still be strong enough to function. (I’ve said before that  being very strong can sometimes be a disadvantage.) But, once one section starts to go way off, you’re in trouble. In other words, if the mid to low range gets too thick and open ( aka LOUD) you start pulling apart the overlap (aka mix) and start getting breaks through the next registration, that of course are most easily fixed by yelling,  (aka yelling). Sound familiar?
The Bad News: We’ll probably do it several times in our career.
The Good News:  It’s a very easy correction.

SHUT UP!   Ha ha, but I’m not really kidding. Almost all the pre-work is to be done mezzo piano to piano, volume (and energy level) and when alignment is the problem you need to be even more careful with volume and pressure. Keep the articulation soft, whisper, not with airy breathy sounds, but just to establish the correct volume. You are stronger than you think, that’s where it all goes wrong to begin with.

So, if this sounds relevant to you today, get out a lesson and decide to start with 30% less pressure / energy / articulation. Be a bit lazy and whisper with soft cheeks and begin to sing. You’ll be amazed. And as always, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO MAKE SOME BAD NOISES! You’re looking for change…aka release. Releases are rarely graceful the first time out!

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